What are we?

We are a fitness and wellbeing App that is carefully structured and put together to maximise your results and enjoyment.

Who are we?

We are not just another App though. We are a culture, a collective. We exist to bring inclusivity and diversity into fitness, ensuring every individual feels welcome and part of our community.

How can we help you?

We accept that everyone’s fitness journey will be different and their needs will vary. With the range of experts involved in Collective Fitness and programmes available we believe that whoever you are we have you covered.

Your pocket


Progress with one of our unique training plans, designed to match your ability.



Train with the community and friends inside the groups and leader boards area.

The Hub


with training, nutrition and other educational videos in The Hub area.



nutrition intake with your calorie calculator and food diary

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Our Programmes

Do you need a home programme that brings you results?

Home workouts can be a challenge. You miss the gym; you’re not seeing the results and you’re not always partial to a HIIT session. Minimalist is the usual Collective experience – the fun, the challenge and the effective workouts. Just from the comfort of your living room.





Our Values

  • #1 Happiness

    #1 Happiness We do what we do because it makes us happy and we strive for the pleasure of this contentment for all of our community.

  • #2 Healthy

    #2 Healthy We strive to have a good physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Exercise isn’t just for a healthy body, it’s for a healthy mind too.

  • #3 Resilient

    #3 Resilient We will and are able to bounce back and refocus after any failure and we will show our members the way.

  • #4 Integrity

    #4 Integrity We have the courage to face the truth and do the right thing simply because it is right. We are real, we are legitimate. We live for the moment with conviction and confidence and remain true to ourselves and our community.

  • #5 Community

    #5 Community We believe that togetherness breeds enthusiasm. Our community has ambition for shared success; everyone contributes and everyone is valued. Winning together transcends all aspects of Collective Fitness!


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